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Water Birth


Waiting for Baby. Home Water Birth with Inspiration

Water birth is the process of giving birth in a tub of warm water. Some women choose to labor in the water and get out for birth. Other women decide to stay in the water for the birth as well. The theory behind water birth is that since the baby has already been surrounded by water for 9 months, birthing into a similar environment is gentler for the baby and less stressful for the mother. Reducing the stress levels for mother and baby may reduce labor complications.

Benefits of Water Birth:

  • Warm water is comfortable, soothing and can reduce pain significantly
  • Helps lower blood pressure caused by anxiety
  • Increased mobility in the water, due to the buoyancy
  • Improves blood circulation resulting in better oxygenation of the uterine muscles, and more oxygen for the baby
  • The water seems to reduce stress-related hormones, allowing the mother’s body to produce endorphins which serve as pain-inhibitors.
  • As the laboring women relaxes physically, she is able to relax mentally with greater ability to focus on the birth proces
  • Easier for fathers to participate in the birth process, when the mother is more relaxed and experiencing less pain
  • A birth that is as safe as a land birth

Inspiration Family Birth Center in Central Florida is a wonderful place for your water birth. Call us today to discuss your water birth plans!

About Our Water Birth Tub

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Our Water Birth Tub is a state of the art birth tub, customized by Robyn Mattox, LM, CPM. She is a midwife experienced in water birth. She has had two of her own children in water, and has helped many families through their own water births. Inspiration’s custom birth tub is spa / whirl pool style tub, with adjustable jets in all the right places. The seat in the corner is built for dad, should he want to be in the tub with mom to assist the birth of his baby, or for easy positioning for mom. There is adjustable LED lighting under the water to ensure the midwives will be able to see what is needed to assisted with a safe delivery. The water is maintained at a constant safe temperature, a warm 98-99 degrees. The tub is big enough to allow mom the freedom of movement she needs to get comfortable and also change to many different positions easily. Birth is a process of movement and you should have the space needed to move around!  The tub system is also equipped with an ozone sanitation system, so the the tub can be disinfected completely and easily in between uses. You can add your own aromatherapy scents to the room. This will help you create the calm, relaxing and soothing environment so important to the gentle birth of your baby.

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